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Vintage Sparkler Ring

$ 43.00

Our sterling handcrafted Sparkle On (and on and on and on) eternity ring. It's my right-hand ring. My reminder that, when life throws lemons at you, when your child colors on your white couch, when you run out of gas and don't have your wallet and you're not wearing real person shoes just your sequin slippers and the gas attendant says sorry ma'am no free gas for you, you just. keep. shining. Because it happens. More than it should. But it always always always works out in the end. This ring is my reminder to keep calm, make lemonade, flip the couch cushions, scavenge for enough loose change in your car floorboards to buy enough gas to get you home, and SPARKLE. ON.

Serious sparkle factor that a camera can't even try to capture, it'll catch your eye just when you need a boost of strength or courage or faith. Available in sizes 4 - 13. High polished .925 sterling silver and clear CZ stones.