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Simmered Cider Pura Diffuser Refill

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Experience the spicy warmth of Simmered Cider in a new way with Pura. Enjoy your favorite Thymes fragrances with complete, effortless control with Pura’s Smart Home Diffuser. Pura lets you control your scent experience from anywhere using your device – adjust intensity, customize schedules, control the nightlight, and more. It's a convenient way to fill cozy spaces with the simmering blend of freshly pressed apples mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, hints of bourbon, and malted rum of Simmered Cider. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, dichlorobenzene, mineral oil, DEA, petroleum, formaldehyde, or dipropylene glycol. Pura is gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. Each fragrance vial will last up to 350 hours or approximately 15 days on medium intensity. Learn more about HOW TO USE PURA SMART HOME DIFFUSER