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Red Currant Holiday 3-Wick Candle

$ 66.00


A coveted delicacy for the senses, Red Currant opens with galbanum, cassis, and citrus followed by floral stories of geranium and rose. Full-bodied black currant tamed by sugar and fruit musk finishes the fragrance. Adding a mega dose of decadence to the Holiday Collection, this oversized option is heavy on luxe and seasonal style. Modeled after the Holiday Candle just in amplified form, the Three Wick Candle features a glass design with golden logo and painted base, served up in a white and gold geometric printed box. Now you can light and enjoy your favorite holiday fragrance for 50 to 55 hours. Content/weight 480g (17 oz).


Fragrance Family: Fruity

Volume: 17 oz/480g

Lifespan: Up to 55 Hours