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Miscarriage Memorial Necklace

$ 57.00


"To think, the first thing you saw when you opened your tiny little eyes was the face of Jesus"

Our baby memorial custom necklace for an amazingly strong mommy that endured a miscarriage: "I have gone the last 8 years wanting something tangible to have that I can touch and hold when I think about my babies but could never find something I liked until I found your beautiful designs." And so we created this for her, and have now made it available to the public because it was important to this mother that she help others like her to heal. What a great gift to yourself, or for any mom that needs healing.

Listing includes one shimmering sterling silver 1" disc, carefully engraved with the saying above and hammered on the edges for a gorgeous texture. Two sterling silver intertwined hearts engraved subtly in the disk to represent the eternal love between mother and child. This piece also includes a 16-18" adjustable shimmering sterling silver cable chain.