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Kiddo Ring Rattle

Bunnies By The Bay

Kiddo Ring Rattle

$ 9.00

What’s soft and white and cute all over? Our delightful Kiddo Ring Rattle!

Little lamb Kiddo’s friendly, furry face tops a cozy velour circle body. His wee arms and legs offer perfect places for baby’s tiny hands to cling and cuddle.

Little ones can play peek-a-boo through Kiddo’s middle, or shake him ‘til his head rattles - which won’t take much! A perfect, compact companion for snuggling, nibbling, or keeping time to a sleepyhead’s lullaby, our Kiddo Ring Rattle welcomes your baby with open arms and open heart!

His luxurious coat is easy to maintain: machine wash cold, and tumble dry low, and out comes Kiddo, white as snow!

Size: 6” from head to toes
Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low.


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